The pitch sheet I created for meeting agents at a writers conference.

Creating a Pitch Sheet (w/sample) Getting An Agent (Part 4)

Mike Slavin
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My upfront disclaimer: I don’t have an agent yet to represent me for my first book, Kill Crime (thriller/mystery-77,000 words).

Submission Count for Kill Crime

Since I started looking 5 April 2018:

Total: 24 Submissions- 17 still pending, 7 rejections

Getting Ready for the Writers Conference The Pitch Sheet

The conference just happened and I have a lot to say about it, but I’ll cover it in my next post or two. About two weeks ago, I heard about a writers conference, Write Fest,in my home town of Houston. I found out they had agent pitch sessions and I went through the agents attending. Out of the nine agents at the conference, only two were interested in thriller/mysteries and no one in crime. So I signed up and started researching pitch sessions for a writer’s conferences. Many people recommended preparing a pitch sheet, also called a one-sheet.

The Pitch Sheet

This is a one page of information about you and your book that you can give to the agent you are meeting. It will have a blurb, and this is not a synopsis, but like what would be on the back of your book. It should probably be in the range of 150–200 words.

It should also have your bio and your picture if you can. I feel the picture is very important because it is a way the agent can remember you as they will meet a lot of people and everything will run together after a while. In both cases the agents told me the pitch sheet was nice, scanned it quickly, and turned it over and wrote a few notes on it.

Very good short video on pitch sheet:

You do not have to have a graphic designer do it, but I did and it cost me $5 on

Kill Crime pitch sheet (w/comments)

The only comment that I will make on my pitch sheet are the two book covers I designed for Kill Crime. I worked with two different designers, each was $10 on Both of the agents liked them. I know if I get a It’s just another way to help them remember you.

Coming In the Next Few Parts

My Meetings With The Agents

My Shock of the Big Interest in a Different Idea, Not Kill Crime



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