My First Book A How To Book

This is a pretty picture to catch your attention. I took it out of our balcony in Cancun where my wife had a stem cell treatment for her Parkinson’s Disease. Sadly, It did not help.

Briefly-Who am I?

I learned so much writing and getting this novel ready to publish. It is the first in a series, not including the free prequel, Life-Changing Money.

Rought Draft 60 Days, 2 Years to Edit

Anyone Can Have a Thought Time

Bankrupt to Millionaire 3 Years

Murder, Twists, NYC, Brownstones, Robbery, Mugging, Interesting Characters

Chapter 1

The Brothers

Advice From Someone Who Is Doing It

Write Your Book, then Go Back and Get the Start Right

Kill Crime, to be out as soon as possible.

By Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Submission Count for Kill Crime

No Big Update

Mike Slavin

Kill Crime, award-winning thriller, on Amazon. Free short story prequel to series at (7-time award-winning author)

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